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Tropical Leaves


My grandpa was a huge inspiration to me. Growing up on the Big island of Hawaii, he taught me many life lessons, but one in particular always stands out. My grandpa visited me when I was very young and one day we ventured to the pool. I didn’t know how to swim yet and he picked me up and said, “you’re Hawaiian, you can swim!” And sure enough, I could – although he would have jumped in after me if I couldn’t. Lesson learned, jump in the water you’ll figure it out.


Aloha Air HVAC is me jumping into the water. I pride myself on my hard work and dedication to supplying the best customer service.


Mahola! Okole maluna!


I grew up in a small town in southern Maryland, where everyone knew everybody, and most everybody knew a trade. My dad was one of those men, owning and operating a flooring company.

One summer my dad told me I was going to spend it working, but not with him, instead with a family friend doing HVAC. I started out in a sheet metal shop where I fabricated duct work for new construction, existing family homes and military homes on Daulgren, Pax River Navel Base, and Andrews Air Force base. From a summer job to a full time position, I quickly worked my way into being a helper, running ducts, installing boilers, geothermal units, high pressure duct systems, and more.

THE BIG MOVE. I made my way down to Raleigh, NC in 2009 where I continued my HVAC career. I began running my own truck with another company then managing job sites with multiple crews. Since then, I’ve worked for both federal and local government, research labs, and as a facilities operator for big tech. Now, I'm excited to head out on my own with Aloha Air HVAC.

Tropical Leaves
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